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Why You Shouldn’t Drink In a Hot Tub

For many people, the idea of relaxing with a drink in a hot tub is heavenly. Many people unwind after a long day with a drink. Many people unwind in a hot tub. It just makes sense to combine the two. However, you really shouldn’t be drinking an alcoholic drink in a hot tub.

Using a hot tub raises your body temperature and slowly dehydrates you. It will take a long time to become dehydrated, but it does happen. We strongly recommend having a bottle or cup of water nearby while in a hot tub. Alcohol is also known to dehydrate you. Mixing alcohol and a hot tub soak amplifies the effects. Alcohol also causes mood changes, behavior changes, dizziness, and in some cases, sleepiness. All of these can become harmful, especially around a hot tub. In extreme scenarios, you can drown in the hot tub by falling asleep, slip and injure yourself while dizzy and less coordinated, or injure yourself some other way.

Simply put, you shouldn’t drink in or around a hot tub.

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