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Energy Efficiency Hacks!

For spa owners, the enjoyment of taking a relaxing, therapeutic soak is the goal. We’re pretty sure that a surge in your power bill is not anyone’s goal when it comes to hydrotherapy.

It’s All About the Cover

When you’re in the icy grip of winter and you’re trying to keep your house warm, you don’t leave a window cracked and let the cold air in. It’s no different with your spa. If you have a loose-fitting, or cheap cover, you might as well watch your power meter go round and round faster.

The Strong Spas Dura-Shield™ spa hard covers are not only super strong, they’re also engineered to provide the toughest protection and are the ultimate in thermal efficiency. They’re fully insulated with closed cell foam. The result? Heat stays in and cold stays out. That is very helpful to your power bill.

A Light Breeze is Nice. Wind is Not.

Wind has a cooling effect on your heated spa when it blows over it. It also works as an evaporator. The result is you have to put more water in it and reheat it. The wind can also get into your spa if it’s not sealed properly and it can affect the heating ability of your spa. To combat the wind, consider installing a windbreak around your tub. Whether it’s a fence, privacy panels, a hedge, or something else, a windbreak can do wonders for the efficiency of your spa.

Two Degrees of Savings

Two degrees isn’t much. But it turns out that it can make a big difference in your spa’s energy consumption. Spas can be set to 104 degrees. But just turning your spa down to 102 degrees will naturally require less power to heat the water. Will you even notice that two degrees? There’s only one way to find out — try it.

Save Energy With Spa Control Settings

Dialing down your spa settings is another simple way to conserve energy. If it seems obvious, well it is. You can turn down your spa during periods when it’s not in use such as when you’re away or on vacation. You can turn down the heat in summer as well.

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