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    Complete and submit the Dealer Application on strongspas.com

    A dealer representative will contact you and discuss details of becoming a dealer.

    Our dealer support can answer any questions you might have.

    You can order spas anytime online through the dealer dashboard.

    Spas are delivered directly from our factory to your location.

    You will receive marketing materials from us to help promote and sell spas.



    I called Strong Spas customer service this morning and Andrew was unbelievably helpful. How many individuals would get out of their chair-walk to the factory-take the time to measure the width of the steps when out from the hot tub-then come back to the phone and personally give you the dimensions! Also, he emailed everything to me as well. The world needs more Andrew’s working for them!

    October 19, 2021

    Jeffrey Franquet

    Coleen Nelson is 5 star quality in customer service. She answered all my questions with thorough explanations and went above and beyond to help me with my hot tub. She was very clear and precise, and was extremely knowledgeable of the issue I was having. Thank you Coleen!

    October 12, 2021

    Wicoie Yuha

    Amanda was fair and responsive, and provided detailed answers to my queries and next steps. She is honoring the warranty and I’m very clear on terms and dates. Amanda is a clear communicator and easy to work with. Recommend Strong Spa for their customer service!

    October 7, 2021

    Lauren Livingston


    We are a proud member of the International Hot Tub Association!

    Our products meet the standards of the Canadian Standards Association.

    We are also a member of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance!

    Our products comply with all relevant European Union Legislation.


    Are your hot tubs tested for leaks and issues before being shipped out?

    Yes. Every hot tub undergoes a water test before being shipped out to dealers. We check the water features work, there’s no leaks, and no other issues. If it passes the water test it’s shipped out.

    Who do I contact about technical issues?

    You can contact your dealer representative, our dealer coordinator, or customer service.

    Can I buy hot tub parts?

    Yes. Parts can be bought on the dealer dashboard as well or by calling customer service.

    Who do I contact about the warranties on each spa?

    You can contact your dealer representative, our dealer coordinator, or customer service.

    Who can I contact for brochures and other marketing materials?

    You can contact your dealer representative to get Strong Spas marketing materials.

    How much does a spa cost?

    All costs can be seen in the dealer dashboard.

    How will I hear back if my application was approved?

    A dealer representative will contact you and discuss details of becoming a Strong Spas dealer. If the dealer representative wishes to add you as one of our dealers, they will send you paperwork to add you into our dealer system.

    Is everyone approved to become a Strong Spas dealer?

    No. A dealer representative will contact you and discuss details and requirements of becoming a dealer. If you match this criteria, you’re approved. If you do not match the requirements or there’s an issue, you are not chosen.