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Accessorize Your Spa

Do you want to take your hot tub experience to the next level? We accessorize our bodies, homes, cars, nearly everything. So why not our hot tub? With these accessories, you can make your hot tub the definition of relaxation and tranquility.


Over time your spa pillows can deteriorate. A well taken care of spa can last anywhere from 8 – 10 years. For around $20, you can buy replacement pillows on our website. Not sure what pillows your spa needs? We’ll be happy to help. If you call our Customer Service department at 800-787-6649, we can walk you through identifying your spa and tell you what pillows your spa requires.

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Ice Bucket and Drink Trays


Our resin spas have a spot to connect an ice bucket or drink tray. These use a male female connection and attach to the sides of the spa. We offer them in multiple colors so that you can match the color of your spa. The hot water of a spa can dehydrate you over time. This is why it’s recommended to bring a cold drink with you in the hot tub. The ice bucket allows you to bring ice and keep your drink cool. You can also use it to hold items and keep them close by. You can use the ice bucket to keep your phone, speakers, towel, or anything else nearby and dry. The drink tray offers a flat surface to set down your drink. 

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Hot Tub Steps

 We also offer steps that make it easier to get in and out of your hot tub. These are also available in multiple colors to match your spa. Most spas range from 2.5 ft tall to 3 ft tall. This can be difficult to step over and get into your spa. These steps can make it much easier to enter and exit your spa. They also offer a non-slip surface to keep you from slipping.

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