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How To Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Date: Hot Tub Style

Spending Valentine’s Day at home this year?Want to create a unique and special date night for your significant other? Look no further! A hot tub date night is the perfect romantic setting for you and your loved one on Valentine’s Day. It’s affordable. You already have the hot tub! It’s easy. All you need is a few household items. AND it’s relaxing for you, as well. With these helpful ideas you’ll have the most relaxing Valentine’s Day yet!

Setting the Mood


To help set the mood, lighting is key. There are many options, depending on what you have readily available and how much time you want to spend preparing. You can simply dim the lights or choose a soft lamp. Candles are another easy option. You can set a few at the steps of the spa, create a candle lit path or line candles around the outside of the hot tub. Make sure the candles maintain a safe distance from any surrounding objects. If you want to go the extra mile, you can always hang some string lights from the trees, around the deck railing or use shepherd’s hooks. Let nature add to the ambience, by choosing the perfect time when the sun is setting or by watching the stars twinkle in the sky.


Candles are also the perfect and simple solution to add a refreshing fragrance to the night. They flutter two hearts with one look by adding a romantic ambiance with their soft glow and helping you unwind with their aroma. Diffusers are another option, with scents that can help energize, relax and lift your spirits. Flowers are a great alternative to candles and diffusers. They add a wonderful aroma and make for great decor.


When choosing the music, keep in mind what mood you’re trying to accomplish. Whether it’s more of a romantic feeling, or a fun and playful one. Built-in speakers and Bluetooth make for easy listening throughout your spa. If your hot tub doesn’t have fixed speakers, you can play music from your phone with Bluetooth speakers placed around your spa or use a portable music player.



There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing snacks for your date. You can create a variety of charcuterie boards depending on what type of food you enjoy.  Cucumbers, carrots, peppers, grapes, tangerines and apple slices with dips on the side are healthy additions to prosciutto or other charcuterie. For those interested in a last-minute tray, crackers, grapes and cheese are an appetizing yet simple option. For a fun twist to the night, a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows would be perfect on a cold evening. If you’re planning on a fancy date, you could go with caprese salad kabobs, hoisin meatballs, ham-spinach crepe cups and shrimp tartlets served with a cold bottle of wine.

Hot Tub Chat:

Time alone in the hot tub can be the perfect opportunity to catch up. No phones. No distractions. After a long day at work, it can be hard to unwind and focus on each other, with multiple tasks vying for your time. The ambience you have created with music, lighting and aroma can help you focus less on the tasks around you, and more on your loved one. Consider creating a list of fun questions to ask. It’s always surprising what you still have to learn about each other.


Spas are the perfect place to enjoy a soothing massage. Our muscles are already feeling relaxed, with the hot water and jets applying pressure to those key areas. Take it one step further and give your significant other a neck and shoulder massage.

Time to Enjoy

Now you’re ready to execute the perfect Valentine’s date night. Not only does it show the person you love how much they mean to you. It also gives you a chance to slow down and enjoy some alone time together.

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