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How to Prepare Your Spa for Spring

Depending on where you live, March can be the time to start thinking summer is around the corner. For some, that may not happen until April — maybe even May. When spring starts blooming and the days get longer and warmer, you might find your thoughts turning to your Strong Spas time.

Your spa, just like your yard, needs cleaning up in the spring. It needs a sprucing up to prepare for all the good times you will spend in it that are just around the corner.

Getting Started on Spring Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you use your hot tub during the winter or left it dormant. These easy steps are designed to ensure your Strong Spas experience will be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for months to come.

The first thing to do is to clean around your tub and make sure it’s a clean area to work in. Leaves, dirt, twigs and other materials should be swept away before you start cleaning. You may even need to trim away shrubs and clear out any weeds that had crept in.

If you haven’t drained your spa over the winter, now is the time to do it and give it a good flush. To ensure the spa’s plumbing is free of build-up, we recommend using a spa system flush to clean out any gunk and stagnant water. The process is to drain and flush your spa and then give it a thorough cleaning before you refill it.

Even if you’ve already drained your spa for the winter, it’s still a good time to give it a flush to purge any stagnant water or buildup. Make sure to clean your spa cover and ensure it’s free of any mold or mildew.

A Thorough Spa Cleaning and Check the Filter

When your spa is drained and dried, be sure to give it a deep, thorough cleaning that cleans out any molds or mildew or dirt. You can also give it a polish. Next, be sure to check the pumps, motors, valves, pipes, and the casings on the filters for rust, leaking, or if there’s any dirt or materials that have built up. In some cases if parts are damaged, you should replace them or you may need to call a technician to make repairs.

Next up is the filter. The filter shouldn’t be frayed or have materials that are coming apart. If that’s the case, replace it. Cleaning a filter in good condition is as simple as spraying it thoroughly with water to rid it of foreign materials that will clog it or cause buildup.

Getting the Right Chemical Balance

Now that you’ve cleaned your spa, it’s time to refill it and ensure it’s running properly. Check all the jets and run through the various components making sure the pumps and filter are working properly.

The last thing to do before you enjoy a therapeutic Strong Spas soak is to check the water to ensure you have the right chemical balance. You can use testing strips or a water test kit to check the alkaline and acid levels and ensure your spa has the proper chemical balance.

When you’re adding chemicals, be sure to closely follow directions and don’t add all the chemicals at once. That will defeat the purpose of testing the water and getting the right chemical balance. We recommend continuing to check the chemical balance regularly, particularly because it’s likely you’ll be using your Strong Spas spa frequently.

Whatever your motivation for investing in a Strong Spas spa, whether it’s for relaxation, hydrotherapy, the spa lifestyle, sharing moments with family and friends, or a quite soak, or all of the above, a little spring cleaning will go a long way toward ensuring a great summer of soaking.

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