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The Money Saving Hot Tub Mode

Our spas offer multiple modes you can program. When our spas leave the factory, they are set to the default Standard mode. We also offer an Economy mode some people prefer. This mode saves money over the Standard mode. There’s a third mode not many people know about though: Sleep Mode.

Sleep mode is typically considered a vacation heater setting, and will maintain your spa water at the most affordable price. This mode is great if you want to leave your spa unattended for a few days. One feature of the Sleep mode is the spa will only heat during your filter period. The water temperature may drop up to 20 degrees below your desired temperature during this mode, saving you money heating the spa. This mode will work in all climates, and will help keep your spa from freezing in the Winter. Tests show energy consumption can drop by over 50% when compared to Standard mode.


Can I Use This Mode All The Time?

No. As we said, this mode is ideal for leaving your spa unattended for a few days. You can use sleep mode all the time if you so desire, but we don’t recommend it. Alternatively, our Economy mode shows a 30% energy consumption drop compared to the Standard mode. Both Economy mode and Sleep mode can help save on costs when it comes to your spa. If you want to read more about hot tub energy efficiency, you can do so here.

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