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Will a Spa Add Value to Your Home?

It all starts with a vision. An idea to increase your property’s value by taking your outside space to the next level. But can a spa really take you there? Can adding a Strong Spa to your outdoor space actually increase the value of your home? With proper planning and a well-executed vision, you’ll find that adding a spa will not only enhance your outdoor experience, but can also add tremendous value to your property.

It’s no secret that home renovations can be risky and expensive, but studies show that successful outdoor renovations can add serious value to your home. According to a Virginia Tech study published by the SF Gate, a successful landscaping project can add upwards of 12.7% or $38,100 for every $300,000 of the sale price. So what’s the key to outdoor value? VISION. Rather than making your spa seem like an impulse buy that just sits in the corner of the property, the key is to incorporate your spa as a major focus of a well-designed outdoor landscape. Best practices to execute that plan can vary based on the owner’s interests and his or her target buyers, but here are a few ideas to maximize the appeal of your outdoor landscape and add serious value of your property:

Make it a Focal Point

A spa is most likely going to be the largest and most expensive piece of your outdoor space, that being said, it’s important to design the rest of your landscape around the spa. Popular strategies are to introduce the spa with a beautiful stone or brick walkway. More elaborate ideas include surrounding the spa with a finished deck or placing it underneath an arbor or terrace. Keep in mind the color and design of your spa’s exterior so as to stay consistent with your vision.

Strategic Placement

Finding the proper placement for your spa is also very important. Avoid placing it far from the house, off in a secluded corner, or randomly somewhere in the center of the lawn. These placements will only make it harder and more expensive to design the surrounding landscape and will likely discourage you from using it in the colder months. Best practices would be to keep the spa close to the house, while utilize a single existing wall or railing. This placement allows easy access to the spa and still gives you plenty of options for the surrounding design.

Make it Your Own

It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter model for designing your outdoor space, so just have fun with it! Many beautiful spas are completed with a simple surrounding moat of pebbles or seashells. Other popular ideas include using nearby furniture or well-maintained plant-life to augment their spa’s appearance. Of course there’s always everyone’s favorite: FEATURES! Lights, speakers, fountains, waterfalls, and dozens of other dazzling features could be just what it takes to push a potential buyer over the edge and add tremendous value to your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking to sell, or have plans to stay long-term, adding value to your property is always a plus. Instead of keeping the outdoor space as an afterthought, consider the benefits of making the outdoor space the focal point of your property. create a vision, enact a plan, and have fun watching your property value soar!

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