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Why you Need a Strong Spa Every Season of the Year!-Strong Spas Water Ropes

Why you Need a Strong Spa Every Season of the Year!

So, you are considering buying one of our Strong Spas. What time is the best time to use one? Breaking down the seasons and benefits of #goingstrong!


There is snow on the ground and brisk weather conditions… summer is over, and it is now the season of shoveling and snowed in nights. With temperatures in single digits, muscles get tense and moods lower. It makes sense that everyone would need a pick me up at the end of the day.

What better way to defrost after a long cold day than a quick soak in a hot tub. Watch the snow fall while you stay warm in 101°F water. But what about when the snow falls? Will your cover take the weight of the heavy wet snow, or will it get damaged after the first Nor’easter that comes your way? Rest assured that when you buy a Strong Spa, whether it is the Elements, Premium, Summit, or Dura-Sport Series, that your Dura Shield™ will keep you covered! Our patented technology hardcover system is the best in class when it comes to protecting against the elements, with a lifetime warranty to boot!

Let your worries melt away into…


The weather is warming up but not quite the heat of summer. Long gone are the days of shoveling. However, the sunshine outside does not match the bitterness of the cold temperatures. You walk out expecting summer, yet get a rude awakening with the cold grasp of winter. Summer is right around the bend, and you yearn for its warmth.

This is the time for you to slip into a spa to help ease into warmer temperatures! Enjoy the sunshine and longer days that spring has to offer with a Strong Spa! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, let the heat help open your sinuses to ease sinus congestion, pressure, and headaches.


The temperature is rising and so is your to-do lists! With the nice summer weather comes a range of tasks ranging from get-togethers to countless days of mowing the grass! Whether it is hosting parties or having a few friends over, outside entertainment is always a plus!

Have two or three, or even five guests wanting to take a dip in your tub? You can fit them all including you, in on our tubs! In particular, our Plus models can hold up to seven people at once! Have fun with all your friends this summer while relaxing and unwinding at the same time!


One day the weather is in the 70’s, while the next day it is in the 50’s. Temperatures drop quickly during the fall, and with weather conditions like this, more illnesses seem to occur, such as the dreaded flu season. Taking vitamin C supplements and keeping hydrated are two key factors in playing it safe. However, you could do more!

Dipping into one of our spas boosts your immune system! Research shows that soaking in a hot tub decreases stress which could be linked to an increase in your immune system. Being proactive about your health by setting time aside to relax and enjoy our spas in the convenience of your home could create lasting effects on your health overall.

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