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120v VERSUS 240v

Most hot tubs are designed for 240-volt electrical service. These hot tub wiring systems require a 50 or 60 amp breaker, and must be specially wired by an electrician. A select number of spas operate on 120-volt ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrical wiring service, enabling you to essentially “plug and play.” These models can also be converted to a 240-volt electrical service if needed. The 120V hot tub models cannot run the pump and heater at the same time, and so the two will alternate turning on and off.



Heat up and recovery time may take longer with 120V hot tubs. Additionally, 120V spa units are usually only available with one pump. When connecting via your regular outlet, don’t share the circuit with another appliance, and be sure it has an appropriate amperage rating. However, please note that Durasport hot tubs are equipped with a 15 foot cord and a built-in GFCI breaker. Warning: use of an extension cord will void the warranty and will damage your Durasport hot tub.

Before installing your new hot tub

Reaffirm your electric service can handle the load. If your new hot tub is not a Durasport plug and play model, you may want to hire an electrician to assist in the hook up since electrical work can be dangerous and there is a risk of shock or electrocution if the hot tub wiring is not done correctly.

240 VOLT

Many 240V hot tubs require a 50 amp or 60 amp 4-wire service, but check the manual for specific requirements. These larger models of hot tubs are hardwired to a junction box within the access panel. Hot tubs use power that is fed through a service disconnect switch which allows the user or service person to turn power on or off. It is recommended that your disconnect switch be in sight of, but not within reach, of the spa for safety purposes.

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Remember, it is always recommended to consult a licensed electrician prior to any electrical wiring.