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Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager you will be the leader of state of the art, acrylic and rotomolded hot tub new product development, enhancement and technology projects for electrical, mechanical and sustaining engineering projects.  Providing daily guidance to a cross functional group of Engineers and Technicians. Be a key contributor to our multi-site hot tub operation by acting in a project management role for all Engineering/R & D projects.  Provide guidance and develop hot tub R&D strategies and planning for performance and compliance.  You will be the primary leader to professionally develop the multi-disciplined team of Engineers and Technicians. Maintaining a great working relationship between Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and other dependent departments will be a key to success in this role.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:


  1. Providing leadership, setting direction for a technical R & D team, and coaching direct reports in a fast-paced R&D environment. Must have a positive attitude and provide exceptional motivation and communication skills, both written and verbal. The ability to present technical information to a group of professional leaders, laymen and customers is essential in this role.
  2. Analyze customer complaints/suggestions for improving designs based on failure data received through our CRM systems and identifying actionable plans to create a more reliable, featured and desirable product to advance us beyond our competitors.
  3. Familiar with Lean practices for eliminating waste from a process, product using standard lean methodology to include 7 forms of waste, PDCA, etc. and generate prioritized actions to create measurable plans for improvement.
  4. Design product with Procurement, Manufacturability, test and Serviceability in the field as key considerations. Avoid a design due to ease of design.  All designs should be completed with automation as a cornerstone of the concept.
  5. Manages projects of varying complexity. Works with Senior Management, Sales, Marketing and Production to prioritize projects; determine project goals; maintain a project schedule and track project milestones; to ensure a positive outcome for both customer and company.
  6. Works with production planning to coordinate prototype builds if required to determine/confirm production cycle times, and to aid in equipment and space requirements, work force requirements, and to design layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency if requested.
  7. Create strategy for conformance to all relevant compliance standards, state, federal and international governing bodies to ensure the proposed designs meet or exceed standards.
  8. Ensure team has properly documented assembly documentation for transfer to manufacturing to avoid delays or quality issues.
  9. Lead the team in performing risk management of designs and changes by completing FMEA and hazard analysis.
  10. Perform all duties with Strong’s quality standards, profitability and long term growth in mind and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes as requested.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Direct reports will include a multi-disciplined Engineering and Technical Writing team of 4 to 10 direct reports.

At Strong Spas you will enjoy paid holidays and vacation time. We offer Medical, Vision, and Dental insurance. A 401k with 4% employee matching…and more!


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