Safety And Hot Tubs

Safety & Hot Tubs

While certainly there are a lot of safety concerns associated with hot tubs, they are nothing that can’t be alleviated with proper education and safe practices. We’ve compiled a list of dangers, concerns and considerations regarding hot tub operation and use.

  • If you are not a certified electrical expert, leave repairs and installation to an electrician.
  • Do not handle any electrical device when you have been in contact with water or are wet.
  • Follow the proper maintenance procedures, like changing filters and cleaning to keep your hot tub sanitary, safe and in proper working order.
  • You are responsible for the safety of guests, visitors and pets in and around the hot tub. Make sure you educate people with the rules of usage and take necessary precautions.
  • Always hot tub with a buddy. Both children and adults can drown in a hot tub.
  • The effects of drugs and alcohol can be amplified with the hot water, so use precaution and consult with your doctor.
  • Keep fingers, toes, and hair away from jets and other holes in the tub to prevent injury.
  • Cover and lock your hot tub when not in use to hinder children, pets and debris from entering.
  • Young children, specifically under 5 years of age, should have limited, if any, hot tub exposure. All children must have adult supervision.
  • It is not recommended that pets soak in the hot tub as it is dangerous for them and harmful for the tub.
  • Pregnant women should avoid or limit hot tub exposure, as it can harm the fetus. A warm bath is a better alternative.
  • Limit soaking time to 15 minutes. Extended soaking at high temperatures can raise body temperature to an unsafe level.
  • The temperature should be no hotter than 104°F.

Refer back to your hot tub user manual for more safety suggestions and rules.