Jets, Pumps and Horsepower

Jets, Pumps & Horsepower

Hot Tub Jets

The pulsing of jets is what make hot tubs so popular. Spas are sold with anywhere from 10 jets to over 100 jets, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality. It’s a myth that more jets and larger volume pumps create a better massage. It’s the volume and style of jets that matters.

Most jets in spas are adjustable. Rotating the face of an adjustable jet to the left (counter-clockwise) will increase the amount of water flow through the jet. Rotating the face of an adjustable jet to the right (clockwise) will decrease the amount of water flow through the jet. This is convenient for targeting key areas of pain or soreness on your body. There is no optimal number of jets; choose the level of pulsating that feels best for you.

Hot Tub Pumps & Horsepower

The number of pumps and horsepower are going to vary by spa model. Pumps circulate water through the filter and heaters and power the jets. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a larger pump creates a better massage. Hot tubs use high volume pumps, meaning they are designed to handle a lot of water and low pressure. Often, better jets and plumbing are more important than horsepower. Oversized, large horsepower pumps can sometimes be expensive to run, although some manufactures have developed efficient pumps that lower operating costs.

You don’t need the biggest pump or the biggest number of jets to have the perfect spa. Ask our no-hassle team for help determining the perfect pumps, horsepower and jets for you.