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Titan™ HardCover

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Titan Hard Plastic Hot Tub Covers

They don’t get any stronger than this. Our unique Titan™ hot tub hard cover was engineered to provide the toughest protection and ultimate thermal efficiency. The locking cover can hold well over 1,000 pounds, minimizing the risk of kids or pets entering or drowning.

These hard top hot tub covers are easy for an adult to open, but not a child. The key locking cover also protects spa controls and stereo systems from theft. In addition, our hot tub cover is fully insulated with closed cell foam to keep the cold out and the heat in. Titan™ keeps your hot tub clean and ready to go.

The Titan™ hot tub cover requires no maintenance and can withstand all elements, for years of worry-free use. It will remain just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day. Other spa covers can take on water and harbor bacteria, mold and mildew, requiring you to replace them every few years. We’re so confident in our Titan™ Hard Cover’s durability that we offer a lifetime warranty!

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