Filters: Change & Clean

Hot Tub Filters: Change & Clean

Filters are an extremely important element in your hot tub. A dirty. clogged or worn out filter can not only damage the hot tub itself by putting stress on the pumps and equipment, but it can allow water to become contaminated and circulate poorly.

Cleaning Hot Tub Filters

It’s best to keep spare filters on hand, so you have one when you need it. Each month, you should deep clean your spa’s filter. An alternative to this is to use your spare clean filters to replace it immediately, and clean the dirty filter for later use. This allows uninterrupted use of your hot tub.

Replacing Hot Tub Filters

Once a year, if the filter cartridge’s pleats appear frayed, you will want to replace it with a brand new filter. Check your Strong Spa’s owner manual for specific filter sizes that are compatible before you order new ones. Strong Spas use filter that  generally come in three sizes: small, medium and large. There are also pre-filters you can attach to the end of your garden hose to use when filling your spa.

Learn step-by-step how to replace your filter on our Filling & Startup page. You can also order filters right here on the Strong Spas website.