Common Technical Questions/Answers



You will find answers for some common questions that our technical team hears from customers on a weekly basis. These answers are concise and designed so the spa owner can address easily without assistance from our service technicians. Of course, we will continue address all of our service calls from our Strong Spas’ customers. 


Spa temperature over set temp, overheating or running more often than usual?

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See filter cycle settings

There are five filter settings, F2 (FL2), F4 (FL4), F6 (FL6), F8 (FL8) and FC (FLC). Around 5 minutes after the spa is powered on the filter cycle starts and will run every 12 hours according to the cycle settings. 2 hours - 8 hours or continuous. So if set to F2 it will filter for 2 hours every 12 hours, if set to continuous it will never shut down. Filter for longer periods of time may cause temperature to reach higher ranges than desired.

While filtering the main pump is running and will generate heat in the cabinet, this heat will transfer to the water and cause the temperature to rise higher than the desired range. The climate around your spa is also a factor; the spa will never be cooler than the climate around it unless you manipulate it somehow. Set the filter cycle to 2 hours and shut off the power to the spa for 10 seconds to restart it, once power is reapplied the new settings will take affect and the filter cycle will start.

It is best to have the filter cycle run at cooler times during the day so restart the spa late at night or early morning 8PM or early morning 8AM. You can change the settings by pressing either warm or temp (depending on controls) release then press jet or jet 1. To cycle through press warm and to exit press jet or press temp release then press jet.

Spa not maintaining temperature or showing SL, SLP, EC or ECO codes?

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Various MODES
See operating modes

If you have the four buttons display press temp or warm then light shortly after. This will cycle through the modes St (standard), Ec (economy) and Sl (sleep) modes. Pressing that same button combination will change it back to St standard, press the jets button to confirm selection. If your display has a mode button Press “Mode” to enter mode programming, press “Cool” to cycle through to desired mode (LCD flashes until confirmed), then press “Mode” to confirm selection.

Standard mode maintains the desired temperature. Note that the last measured spa temperature displayed is current only when the pump has been running for at least 1 minute. “St” or “Std” will appear on the display momentarily when you switch into Standard Mode.

Economy mode heats the spa to the set temperature only during filter cycles. “Ec” or “Ecn” will appear solid when the temperature is not current and will alternate with the temperature when the temperature is current.
Pressing “Jets 1” while in Economy mode puts the spa in Standard-In-Economy mode, (“SE”) which operates the same as Standard Mode, then reverts to Economy Mode automatically after 1 hour. During this time, pressing “Cool” or “Warm” followed by “Light” will revert the mode to Economy immediately. (Not available on all units)

Sleep mode heats the spa to within 20 F (11 C) of the set temperature only during filter cycles. “Sl” or “SLP” will appear on the display until mode is changed.

Standard – St, Std
Standard is the default setting, and you are in standard mode if none of the other setting codes show up
1. Temperature will be at or near desired temperature constantly
2. Pumps turn on at regular intervals to check and maintain temperature
3. Best to use at startup of spa, it will heat until desired temperature is reached
4. Best to use in cold climates
5. Most costly to operate

Economy – Ec, Ecn
Economy is the power saving alternative for regular heating, you will know that you are in economy by the code displayed. If the pump is running the current temperature and code will alternate on the display.
1. Spa will only heat during filter period
2. Temperature will remain close to desired, but it will drop between filter periods
3. If users can get in a routine, filter period should overlap the usage time by a half hour. This will have spa temperature closest to the desired temperature.
a. Example, if using the spa at 8:00 have spa filter from 6:30 – 8:30.
4. Best used in mild to warm climates
5. Tests show a 20% reduction in energy consumption when compared to standard mode

Sleep – Sl, SLP
Sleep is considered a vacation heater setting, and will maintain your spa water at the most affordable price
1. Spa will only heat during your filter period
2. The water temperature may drop up to 20 degrees below your desired temperature
3. Will work in all climates, and will not allow the spa to freeze
4. Tests show a 50%+ reduction in energy consumption when compared to standard mode

Breaker Tripping?
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The first thing to do is to narrow down and isolate the faulty part through the process of elimination.

First cut off the power to the spa, then locate the electrical box inside the spa, it is normally located under the controls. It is where all the wiring goes and has a metal tube along the bottom; you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the cover. If you look at the inside of the removable cover you will find a diagram of the board and other information, please use this as reference to assist you. We will first remove the heat element, there should be two copper straps connected to the tube at the bottom of the electrical board (if you do not have the copper straps do not panic, it is configured this way most models but not all see below*). To disconnect you will need open end box wrenches, 1/4 and 3/8.

There are two nuts above and below the straps. While loosening the top nut you must hold the lower nut steady to avoid bending the terminal post or damaging seals. Once the nuts on top are removed bend the straps up and turn on the power. A safer way to accomplish this is to remove the strap from the board and bend it back. If the breaker does not trip then the faulty part is the heat element, if not onto the next step. On the board find the wiring harnesses (white adapters with 3-4 wires in them) plugged into the board, use the diagram on the electrical box cover to locate the pumps, ozone, blower and other optional components.

 Cut the power and remove pump 1 plug from the board then turn the power back on, if it does not trip then the pump has a short in it and needs replaced. If it still trips with pump removed, plug the pump back in and onto the next component. Follow the same steps until each plug has been removed and replaced and the spa is no longer tripping, the component that has been disconnected when the breaker does not trip is the faulty part. If everything has been disconnected and the spa is still tripping the breaker then the board or breaker is faulty.

Another method is to cut off power and disconnect each component then reconnect each part one at a time until the breaker trips (make sure to note where plugs go, take a picture or label wires). The part that causes it to trip is the faulty part, if everything is disconnected and it trips then the board has a short and needs replaced or the breaker is bad. Remember to cut power before removing any components. Another thing to check is the GFCI cord (if installed) or breaker, to test remove the .3amp fuse marked F4 on the diagram inside the cover of the control system or remove the wires from the board isnide the contorl system {**be sure wires are not touching anything**} if the GFI does not trip with fuse or wires disconnected then the GFI cord or breaker is good. Keep in mind that if you have a GFI cord in line hooked up to a GFCI breaker you may experience problems; you can only have one GFI on a circuit.

* If you have the BP1500 revolution pack unplug wires at J44 and J45. If you have difficulty locating these wires or junctions please refer to the diagram located on the removable cover. All other procedures other than disconnecting the heater are the same as stated above.

Spa not powering up or no power?
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Test or replace .3amp fuse next to terminal box where wiring attaches to the spa. If spa will still not come on test power coming to the spa using a voltage meter. If you do not have a voltage meter wait 6 minutes after turning on the power to see if the pump comes on then call support with findings.

If you have no power, the fuse is good and the breaker is not tripping you may have a problem with the breaker. Flip the switch down then to the up position if it seems to stay up and you still have no power going to the spa try pressing the test button on the breaker. If the test button is not causing the handle to flip down (some breakers the handle may only come partially down) you may have a faulty breaker and should call an electrician.

Pump Not Working?
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When jets button is pressed you hear a click but nothing else. Test or replace 30amp fuse nearest to the pump plug.
If you hear the pump humming check but no water movement you may have air trapped in the pump. To release loosen the highest union as directed in the manual.

If you do not hear anything when the button is pressed the button may not be working.