Buying Guide For Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Buying Guide

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day than sitting in your very own hot tub or spa. A hot tub can soothe away the stress of everyday worries, as well as the aches that sometimes come from physical activity. With all of the choices in hot tubs out there, however, you may be unsure about which hot tub is right for you. Here are a few things you'll need to consider when selecting your hot tub:

Types of Hot Tubs

There are two kinds of hot tubs: portable hot tubs and spas and permanent hot tubs and spas. Portable spas are self-contained and sit above ground. Permanent spas are built into the ground and are usually made of a material such as cement.

All Strong hot tubs and spas are portable spas and don’t require the expense of permanent installation. Maintenance and service are also easier with a portable spa. Strong Spas don’t even require a permanent concrete pad, as some other manufacturer’s do, because of our 2-inch thick insulated base. Strong spas can be set on any flat level surface.

Capacity of the Hot Tub

Hot tubs are available in several sizes. The seating capacity will be listed in the product description. Make sure to get a hot tub that is large enough to hold everyone you want it to. For example, if you have six people in your family, you may be disappointed with a hot tub that only holds four people.

Location for Your Hot Tub

Before you choose a hot tub, decide where you want to place it. Most people like to have their hot tubs on a deck or patio, but the most important thing in deciding where to put it is to find a spot close to an electrical source and on level, sturdy ground or surface.

Make sure the location can support the weight of the hot tub when it’s full of water. Also, be sure to measure the area where you want to put the hot tub.  Take into consideration how much walking room you'll need around your spa. We recommend at least 18 inches on each side. You will need more access to certain sides than others.


Hot tubs are available with different interiors and exteriors. Choose a color and style that will be pleasing to you and that will look nice in your backyard. Strong Spas’ beautiful cabinets are available in a variety of looks and colors to suit any backyard décor. Learn more about our spas’ unique features.

Strong Spas have been engineered to be maintenance free with durable cabinets.  Our granite resin is molded through our entire cabinet structure.  This means that your new Strong Spa will not scratch-off or flake-away over your many years of enjoyment.

Hot Tub Jets

If you are looking for a hot tub with jets that will have a lot of massaging power, you'll want to choose a hot tub with the best massage jets you can find. Most hot tub jets are adjustable. You'll want the jets to point at your major muscle groups to get the most out of hydrotherapy. There’s no standard when it comes to hot tub jet positions; figure out where you need the most massaging, and ensure the jets of the hot tubs you're reviewing put a focus on this area.

Hot tubs generally offer three different kinds of hot water jet technology. Water jets offer the strongest and most concentrated massaging, and are adjustable to provide the most comfortable massage possible. Air jets give you softer, gentler pressure similar to a champaign effect. All of our hot tubs offer a third type of jet known as the venturi that combines both water and air. This presents the perfect combination. You are in control of the amount of bubbling that is right for you.

Hot Tub Seating

Strong Spas offers several different seats within each of our tubs. Your ideal seat will depend on your height. Ideally, the tub should have seats that completely submerge you up to your shoulders, along with seats that keep you almost out of the water so you can cool down. Our multilevel seating is designed to provide the most comfortable height for people of every shape and size. Even young users will find a comfortable seat.

Energy Efficiency of Your Hot Tub

Your spa's operating cost will be primarily determined by its ability to retain heat. Ensure that the hot tub has effective insulation for the shell and plumbing. Strong Spas ENERGY-LOK insulation systems are essential to keeping heat in and cold out.

Ease of Hot Tub Maintenance

Most likely, you're looking for a hot tub that won't require a lot of your time to keep the water clean and clear, and that will preserve its appearance over time. To maintain good water quality, consider a Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generator. This type of ozone generator will reduce the amount of sanitizer needed, and help keep the water crisp and clean. CD systems last longer than alternative ozone systems.

Also consider the type of filtration system and square footage of filtration in the hot tub. Generally, “premium” spas feature 2-speed pumps that efficiently filter water and provide the necessary flow to maintain a set temperature. Heaters generally last longer when used with the higher volume of a 2-speed pump, opposed to less expensive spas which use a small aquarium-style circulating pump to move very small amounts of water slowly past the heater; this type allows contaminants and scales to stick to the heater, reducing efficiency and heater life.

When considering preservation of exterior appearance, look for a spa that features a "simulated" wood or stone exterior. These require much less maintenance time and effort than real wood. You'll also want to check the warranty for the cabinet to ensure you're covered. Strong Spas is proud of our patented Forge-cast cabinets, which are maintenance free and designed to last a lifetime. We back that up with the industry’s first Lifetime Cabinet Warranty.

Hot Tub Safety

Check to make sure the hot tub you are considering buying is listed by a recognized independent testing agency such as UL or ETL. Also, make sure you use a qualified electrician to connect the electrical service to the spa. Another great safety feature of a hot tub is a locking spa cover, which ensures young children don’t enter the spa unattended and keeps out dirt and pests.

Extra Hot Tub Features

All hot tubs should have a cover to keep the heat inside; many people prefer a locking cover. Use a locking cover when you need to keep people out of your hot tub, such as small children. The locks are also great in areas with strong winds.
You can also use your spa for aromatherapy; our Spa Crystals can emit a variety of scents to soothe you.

Waterfalls are another extra feature you should consider. They can add a very attractive element to your spa, and the sound of falling water is very relaxing.

If you’re still having difficulty choosing which spa is right for you and your family, contact our No-Hassle Team! They’ll be happy to help you find the perfect spa for your needs.

In summary, there really is no better choice for your hot tubs needs.  Strong is proud to offer these fetures to make your experience just right for your family.

Strong Spas Titan™ Hot Tub HardCover

They don’t get any stronger than this. Our unique hot tub hard cover was engineered to provide the toughest protection and ultimate thermal efficiency. The locking cover can hold well over 1,000 pounds, minimizing the risk of kids or pets entering or drowning. It’s easy for an adult to open, but not a child. The key locking cover also protects spa controls and stereo systems from theft. In addition, our cover is fully insulated with closed cell foam to keep the cold out and the heat in. Titan™ keeps your hot tub clean and ready to go.

The Titan™ hot tub cover requires no maintenance and can withstand all elements, for years of worry-free use. It will remain just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day. Other spa covers take on water and harbor bacteria, mold and mildew, requiring you to replace them every few years. We’re so confident in our Titan™ HardCover’s durability that we offer a lifetime warranty!

Foldaway Hot Tub Steps and Towel Holder

Step or store! Our unique, space-saving foldaway hot tub steps and towel holder provide the ultimate convenience for your hot tub. Steps retract into the body of the hot tub to stay clean and dry. By folding away steps when not in use, it discourages children and pets from climbing into the hot tub when unattended.

In addition, our towel holder keeps your linens warm, dry and within close proximity to you and your guests.