5 Steps to Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

A hot tub is made up of simple components that create an amazing experience for the user when they are working together. Most people will agree that their favorite part of relaxing in a hot tub is feeling the massaging pressure from the spa jets. Unfortunately, these jets can become clogged and dirty over time and frequent use, and this can keep the jets from working the way they should. Hot tub jets serve a vital function in the spa and need to be cleaned occasionally in order to be efficient.

 Cleaning the hot tub jets is an easy process, but one that often gets overlooked. This may be because people don’t know that spa jets need cleaning, or it could be because they don’t know how to clean the hot tub jets. This post will cover why jets need regular cleaning, and the five easy steps to cleaning the hot tub jets.

Why Do Hot Tub Jets Need Cleaning?

Hot tub jets work by combining air with warm water and forcing the water at high speed out of a small hole. All spas are equipped with powerful filters and cleaning systems, but sometimes small bits of debris, like dirt and sand, can bypass the filters and remain in the water to be circulated through the jets. Additionally, naturally occurring calcium from the water may build up over time.

These two factors combined can cause problems for the jets in the hot tub. Over time, those tiny particles of sand will stick to the calcium deposits on their way through the jets and stay on the jets themselves.

 After enough time, the calcium and sand deposits will get big enough to block the functions of the jets. When this happens, the stationary jets will not blow as hard, and rotating jets run the risk of reduced function, lack of movement, and increased wear and tear.

Hot tub jets should be cleaned several times a year to maintain their maximum efficiency. Regular cleanings will improve the spa experience and may significantly increase the life of the hot tub jets.

5 Steps to Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

 Calcium deposits are often very hard and stuck tight to the surface of the hot tub jets. Scraping these deposits with hard tools can cause irreparable damage to the jets, causing them to need replacing. Instead, it is best to soak the jets for a length of time to gently loosen any deposits.

Important: Always turn off the power in the hot tub before performing complicated cleaning and maintenance tasks.

 Step 1: Carefully remove the jets. This can usually be done by twisting them out of place. Wear a rubber glove if necessary to improve grip.

 Step 2: Soak the jets in a solution of plain white vinegar and water for three to four hours. A 50/50 mix works well.

 Step 3: Once an hour, swirl the jet gently in the vinegar solution to help loosen debris.

 Step 4: Rinse the jets thoroughly and gently wipe away any leftover deposits.

 Step 5: Carefully replace the jets and twist to secure them into the proper position.

 Note: Cleaning the hot tub jets is an essential part of hot tub maintenance and should be done during the quarterly hot tub cleaning described in the Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule.